P.L.S.M. Youth Program Application

We believe in transforming young men that are "at risk" into men that create and inspire positive change in the community by the renewing of their minds. However, to be successful in diverting young men from the school to prison pipeline, we must have parents or legal guardians that are willing to engage with us in these efforts. We understand how difficult and disheartening it may be when your child is stubborn and delinquent. That is why we are here to assist. When you reach out for assistance, you must have the same level of hope and belief that we have. Change is brought about by your hope and belief, as well as your active engagement. Please read the orientation handbook before filling out the form by clicking the button below. If you believe you and your child are a good fit for the P.L.S.M. Youth program, we'd love to schedule an official introduction and have you join us throughout the year.

Power - Love - Sound Mind Signup Form

Bunk 57 Ministries P.L.S.M. Youth Program is for young men (Ages 12-17) who may be facing challenges in school, with their peers, or with personal issues, and have sought help through their school or a private or county agency. We support young men through a mentoring relationship with an adult volunteer (Background Checked). All volunteers are thoroughly screened and monitored throughout the relationship year by a counselor. For young men to be eligible mentees, parents/legal guardians must apply for membership. Those who are accepted are teamed up with an adult for one year. We also sponsor group activities (Growth Sessions) at least twice a month. 

We are limited in the number of memberships we can provide. If we are to consider this application, we must be sure that you want your child to be a member and that you are willing to help him meet the requirements for membership. Clicking the circle below indicates your consent to the above and your permission for your child to join Bunk 57 Ministries P.L.S.M. Youth Program.